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About Your Coach

Meet Henrike Schmidt, “The Whole Brain Coach”.

Henrike is certified in Neuroscience Coaching and Leadership with specialisations in NeuroEntrepreneurship, NeuroRelationships and NeuroEducation.

Henrike’s coaching strategies are gentle, easy to understand and to apply and are based on the latest findings in Neuroscience, Interpersonal Neurobiology and Positive Psychology.

Henrike is passionate about helping women avoid and overcome burnout, set and maintain healthier boundaries and reconnect with their true needs and desires so they can neutralise societal and gender specific pressure and feel powerful, self-determined, appreciated and in control of their lives.

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Whole-brain Coaching works because...

Understanding your brain better translates into understanding yourself better so that you can notice destructive, annoying or unhelpful thinking and behaviour patterns and to kindly steer yourself away from them and towards your goals.

Henrike Schmidt - The Whole-Brain Coach

Henrike applies the latest scientific findings in her coaching practice to teach her clients the basics and hidden workings of their brain.

Clients will learn how to skillfully navigate their brain’s limitations and how to use it in ways that will optimize their performance as a human being and empower them do the same for the people they influence.

But don't take our word for it...

Let Henrike's clients speak for themselves.

Henrike asked the right questions to help me dive deeper and get to the heart of what I wanted to say. I had more confidence after I let things percolate a bit. I think the outcome was deeper and better than it would have been had I tried to do it on my own

Juli M.

Health and Nutrition Coach

After working with Henrike I felt more clear about the areas I needed to get strategic about to move forward in my business. I was able to see the actions I needed to take more clearly, and within a week I was one giant leap forward and closer to a solution.

Jamie J.

Thought Leader

I really liked the whole-brain coaching approach. Right away Henrike was able to see I like dopamine hits. Definitely feel that - in just one session - we were really able to dig deep and find the underlying cause of my indecision.

Shannon P.

Pension Administrator

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