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Borrow my Brain!

Look, I get it, there‘s a gazillion people out there who offer anything from a “5 minute fix” to a “life changing experience” but how do you know who and what is the right fit for you?

Easy: You check them out.

In coaching one of the greatest indicators of YOUR success is your relationship with your coach. If you end up not being able to stand my tone of voice, most of what I’ll say will be drowned out by your inner voice mocking me.

So here’s my invitation: Let’s hop on a call to figure out if we might be a good match. I look forward to hearing from you.

Henrike Schmidt

Henrike is certified in Neuroscience Coaching and Leadership with specialisations in NeuroEntrepreneurship, NeuroRelationships and NeuroEducation.

She uses her expertise to help women avoid and overcome burnout, set and maintain healthier boundaries and reconnect with their true needs and desires so they can neutralise societal and gender specific pressure and feel appreciated and in control of their lives.

Henrike is a mother of two, serial expat, collector of foreign languages and living room yoga afficinado. She loves using Star Trek analogies and unapologetically laughs about her own jokes.

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